Insurance exclusively for MOGO customers
No interest rate
Monthly payment included in the loan repayment schedule
Opt-out at any moment
Trusted insurers: Metropolitan Cannon General Insurance, Sanlam Insurance
Best conditions for car or Boda Boda insurance!

Best conditions for car or Boda Boda insurance!

MOGO provides the best comprehensive insurance deals exclusively for our customers. We are offering insurance for cars and Boda Boda. Car owners can order insurance as an additional product, and Boda Boda owners are insured automatically.

Normally you have to pay for your insurance for the whole repayment period. At MOGO, you are paying monthly, which means that you will be paying as low as 2,500 KES/month. No hidden interest rate!

Getting a car is only the first step towards a happy driving experience. Many documents have to be sorted out, and MOGO will do all the hard paperwork for you, including filling insurance documents. Don't waste your time — get your car or Boda Boda and insurance in one place. Your insurance fee will be included in a monthly loan repayment schedule, so you won’t need to worry about multiple payments.

MOGO cares about your financial security and gives you the ability to own a vehicle without any stress. Stop worrying about theft, car crash, or auto accident — we’ve got you covered.

Sounds too good to be true? Because every month we insure hundreds of MOGO customers, we can offer the best insurance deals from major insurance companies at the lowest price, with the same great insurance packages.

Insurance plans

What type of insurance do you need?

Private - Car insurance

  • Licensed for social and domestic purposes by the insured or any authorized driver
  • 5% of the total car value
  • Starts from as low as 2,500 KES/month

Commercial - Car insurance

  • Licensed to carry goods by the insured or any authorized driver. Not exceeding ten tonnes weight limit
  • 6% of the total car value
  • Starts from as low as 3,000 KES/month

PSV - Uber / Bolt insurance

  • Carrying fare-paying passengers by the insured or any authorized driver
  • 6.5% of the total car value
  • Starts from as low as 3,250 KES/month

Boda Boda insurance

  • Licensed for social, domestic purposes and carrying fare-paying passengers
  • Can be ridden by any person authorized by the insured and holding a valid driving/riding license
  • Insurance premium cost is included in the loan without any upfront payment

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    What is covered?

    What is covered?


    • Damage to the motor vehicle includes collision, overturning, arson, malicious damage, etc.
    • Thefts
    • Special perils insurance floods, earthquakes, lightning, storm, and others
    • Third-party liabilities
    • Riot, strike, civil commotion


    • Damage to the motor bike- Include arson, malicious damages Etc
    • Theft of the motor bike
    • Includes special perils- Floods, Earthquake, storm Etc.
    • Third Party liabilities

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