CLIENT STORIES: George Maina Kamau


CLIENT STORIES: George Maina Kamau

What is your aspiration?

My dream is to one day own a fleet of cars and employ young people. I do believe MOGO will help me achieve this dream through financing. I also hope to buy land and build a house for my family in the next ten years.

Tell us more about yourself

My name is George Maina Kamau, and I am a father of two. I live in Nairobi, Dagoretti market area. In the past, I used to own a bike and worked with it as a Boda Boda rider for four years. I always had a dream of one day owning a car to use for taxi services. Still, I could not raise funds to purchase one as I had to support my family with the earnings from the Boda business, so I had to shelve the idea while continuing to save for it.

Tell us your story before you encountered MOGO

I learned about MOGO from a friend James Ndichu who got financed to get a new bike by MOGO, and we were operating at the same stage. He told me they could offer car financing, but I will need to visit their offices along Ngong Road for more information. The following day I woke up early and went to Prestige Plaza, where I met the branch manager. He gave me a warm welcome and took me through the process of how I could own my own car. I could not believe how easy it was. He introduced me to some dealers, and within no time, I had found a suitable vehicle that fit my budget.

What product did you buy, and how has it helped/changed you?

I’ve got a 2012 Mazda Demio 1300 CC, which I enrolled in Uber and Little Cab Taxi services. Since then, I have managed to make enough money for my family, improved our livelihood, and raised my weekly installments towards my loan. I have also built a network of clients, including corporate deals, which ensure I always have cash flowing in to have financial freedom. Also, being a car owner means I have no stress moving around in case of an emergency or if I need to travel to my rural home or take my kids to school.

Do you consider buying a car for yourself?

Sometimes it’s very dificult to save for your dream car. That’s why you have MOGO. You can choose your desired car and own it with only 20% deposit and start driving in 24 hours. Newertheless you will be able to choose any year and any model car. And MOGO gives you best price guarantee. Don’t overthink, call us and we will consult you on having the best financial deal for owning your own dream car!