CLIENT STORIES: Felix Owino Odhiambo


CLIENT STORIES: Felix Owino Odhiambo

Tell us about yourself

My Name is Felix Owino Odhiambo. I am from Kisii. I am a second-time Boda Boda customer at MOGO.

How did you encounter MOGO?

I was heading to town to buy stock for my shop. On my way along the Kokuro Boda Boda stage, there was a marketing activation for MOGO, and I was handed a flyer written ‘Own a Boda Boda.’ By then, I was riding an old motorbike emitting a lot of smoke. I then decided to own a brand new Boda Boda with MOGO. I later traveled to the nearest town, Kisii, from Awendo, to secure a new Boda Boda with MOGO.

What product did you buy, and how has it helped/changed you?

I got a brand new Boda Boda BOXER 100CC. The new Boda Boda has helped me as I have accomplished several projects. I have built a house and expanded my shop. Boda Boda has allowed me to supply goods to more clients, hence generating more income. I have bought four sheep, and hopefully, I will get a cow soon. My kid is joining a private boarding school soon, which I am proud of.

Would you recommend MOGO to other clients, and why?

Yes absolutely. Because the interest rate is quite favorable. I have referred two people to Kisii who were approved for a Boda Boda. They are working hard to send their payments, and soon, they will be done and own a Boda Boda.

How is customer service at MOGO?

The customer service at MOGO is satisfactory. Any time I call for queries, I get assisted in the shortest time. 

Would you come back to MOGO to purchase another product?

I am already a second-time client at MOGO! I finished paying for the BOXER 100CC, which I took earlier. I recently took a TVS 125, which, If I work hard enough, I will be done with payments in 18 months. God willing, I would return to MOGO for the third time, hopefully for a car.

Ready to start your own journey with a new Boda Boda?

Boda Boda business in Kenya is a broad sector with many opportunities. If you dream about starting the business on your own but don’t have enough capital — MOGO offers flexible Boda Boda financing solutions. Choose your preferred motorcycle and pay for it from as little as KES 300 per day!