Tell us about yourself

My name is Kelian Kea, and I operate in Watamu, a beautiful town nestled between pristine beaches and lush tropical forests in Kilifi. I took my first Boda loan in April 2021, and currently, I am servicing my second bike with MOGO.

How has MOGO helped you in your work?

I am a professional carpenter — having a Boda allows me to move to sites in an easier way to supervise my eight workers. My team is currently using my first bike. I have also had to improvise a little to survive in the Boda Boda industry — I have acquired monthly Boda Boda clients. They generate more income for me since they are civil servants who do not fail me.

What about your family?

They are well taken care of. I can send my children pocket money every week from my savings. Since I got the second bike from MOGO, providing for my family has become much more manageable.

What is the main advantage of having a MOGO loan?

Paying in installments does not feel overwhelming – it does not hurt the pocket so much, but eventually, it accumulates into a bigger asset.

How would you describe your experience with MOGO?

I would describe MOGO as a haven of peace and tranquility for the disciplined. I am willing to grow with MOGO as a company, as it has provided me with opportunities to provide for my loved ones.

Ready to start your own journey with a new Boda Boda?

Boda Boda business in Kenya is a broad sector with many opportunities. If you dream about starting the business on your own but don’t have enough capital — MOGO offers flexible Boda Boda financing solutions. Choose your preferred motorcycle and pay for it from as little as KES 300 per day!

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