Differences between an Electric & Petrol Motorbike


Differences between an Electric & Petrol Motorbike

Are you tired of the hassle and expenses that come with petrol motorbikes? Ready for a smarter and more sustainable way to commute? Let’s compare electric motorbikes and petrol motor bikes across various parameters to help you make an informed decision



Electric motorbikes 

Petrol Motorbikes


Less appealing to thieves due to tracking and rider having to register with the swapping company 

Attractive target for theft; higher risk of being stolen 

Fuel Efficiency & Cost  

Runs on electricity, which is cheaper than petrol.   

Higher fuel costs, fluctuating fuel prices  

Maintenance & Reliability  

Less maintenance required, fewer moving parts  

Regular maintenance like oil change is required frequently. Longer term – may require repairs for engine and other expensive components. 

Power Source  

Electric motor powered by rechargeable batteries  

Fueled by petrol  


Mostly provides power equivalent to a 150cc petrol engine or more 

Varied power outputs based on engine size 



Automatic transmission; no gear shifting required 


Manual transmission; gear shifting required


Environmental Impact  

Zero emissions, environmentally friendly  

Emit CO2 and contribute to air pollution  

Noise Pollution  

Quiet operation, minimal noise pollution  

Noisy engine, significant noise pollution  


Retains value well due to newer technology 

May depreciate faster due to wear and tear 


Electric motorbikes offer several advantages over petrol motorbikes, including cost-effectiveness, minimal maintenance requirements, eco-friendliness, and ease of use. Additionally, with electric motorbikes, you will end up saving more, meaning you end up earning more than a petrol bike rider. Here is an example which displays the difference in operating costs: 



If you’re considering a switch to electric motorbikes, this comparison should provide you with a clearer picture of what to expect. Check out our latest models here to find the perfect ride and learn about our financing options.