Boda Boda BPG terms and conditions


1.          Mogo Auto Limited (“Mogo”) through its “Best Price Guarantee Campaign” (“Campaign”) aims to provide the lowest weekly payment for boda financing to customers in Kenya.

2.          The offer is valid for all applications made from 11th October 2022.

3.          Loan amounts under Campaign vary from KES. 30,000/= to KES. 700,000/=.

4.          The term of the loan shall be 12 months to 26 months.

5.          The best price is based on pricing compared to the approved of institutions below as at 11th October 2022 and the pricing may be subject to adjustments in future.

6.          The conditions to be eligible to participate in the Campaign are as follows:

·        The applicant is not an existing Mogo Customer with an active agreement.

·        The applicant has received a valid offer for boda financing from a duly registered credit-only microfinance institution.

·        List of institutions from which offers can be subject of Campaign:

·        Mwananchi Credit

·        Pioneer Credit

·        Capital Sacco

·        Kopesha

·        Ndege Chai Sacco Society Ltd

·        Progressive Credit

·        Bimas Kenya

·        Ngao Credit

·        Bees Credit

·        Edenbridge Capital

·        Watu Credit

·        M-KOPA

·        Tugende

7.          Mogo reserves the right to change the list to approved institutions at any time without further notice or approval.

8.          This Campaign shall only be applicable to financing of new bodas.

9.          Mogo shall carry out rigorous and independent credit assessments of campaign participants.

10.      Any decision to grant any loan to any participant remains solely at the discretion of Mogo based on Mogo’s internal credit assessment procedures and protocols.

11.      Based on the provided documents, Mogo will review and determine Applicant’s eligibility for the Campaign, provide an offer that will aim to be lower than the offer submitted by Applicant using the new offer calculator.

12.      An offer resulting from the new offer calculator may or may not differ from the current Applicant payment.

13.      Mogo does not make any representations or give any warranties, whether expressly or implicitly, and in particular, but without limitation, make no representations and give no warranty that:

·        Applicant’s participation in the campaign will result in a loan facility with Mogo pursuant to this campaign or

·        a loan offer under this campaign, or any aspect thereof, will meet Applicant’s requirements, preferences, standards, or expectations.

14.      During the application, approval, and issuance process Mogo does not require any upfront payments.

15.      Mogo and its affiliates will not be responsible for any harm, damage, loss or claim suffered as a consequence of your wilful participation in the Campaign, particularly with respect to any loan offer or any changes to the campaign that may be made at any time.

16.      Loan offers made under this campaign are not transferable and may not be deferred.

17.      You may not be given a loan offer if it is found to be unlawful or financially burdening on you for us to give you a credit facility.

18.      Mogo is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of the information we collect from you in compliance with the applicable laws and obligations on data use and privacy. Our privacy statement, as updated from time to time, explains how we treat your personal data and protect your privacy when you use our services and can be found on:

19.      These Terms and Conditions are supplemental to and subject to the General Provisions to the Asset Financing Loan Agreement and Security Agreement that you shall sign.