Terms and Conditions of Debt Collection campaign


A prize draw for customers who have an active loan agreement with Mogo Auto Ltd for either Boda Boda or Tuk Tuk vehicles. The prize draw is for the month of November 20201 with the following prizes: 

Primary Prize - Full tank of fuel for a year for one customer worth up to KES 70 000 

Secondary Prize - One full tank of fuel for 500 customers worth up to KES 1500 

Eligible Customers: 

Mogo Auto Ltd Customers will be eligible to participate if they meet all the following requirements: 

  • Customers who have an active loan with Mogo and who have paid at least 1 installment prior to the month of November. 
  • The customer has made all scheduled payments during the month of November without delay. 

Prize Draw Details & Method: 

  • Mogo Auto Ltd will randomly draw 501 customers who will win the following prizes: 
    • Primary prize: The first customer drawn from the Prize Draw  
    • Secondary price: The next 500 customers drawn from the Prize Draw 
  • Winners will be notified via the phone number used in their loan agreement during December. 
  • The primary prize winner will be given a KES 70000 voucher for all Shell fuel stations in Kenya for a year. 
  • Secondary prize winners will each be given a KES 1500 KES voucher for all Shell fuel stations in Kenya for December. 
  • Failure to claim any prize after 30 days will result in the prize being voided. 
  • Staff, employees, and business partners are not eligible to participate.