3 tips for buying a used car


3 tips for buying a used car

Use these tips to your advantage when buying a used car!

Purchasing a vehicle is a rather tricky process. Not only does this requires at least a basic understanding of cars, but also you need to put your negotiation skills to use. These three tips will make your upcoming purchase significantly easier. 

Pay attention to detail
The main principle of negotiation is leverage. Or, in other words, finding and using every detail to your advantage. Every tiny scratch can bump off quite a few KES off of the final price. The seller might be skimping out on some vital components in the car. To combat this, make sure to ask for more than one set of keys, a fire extinguisher, and other vitals in your vehicle. These details can all play a part in your negotiation tactics. Though, it’s better to find a balance because pushing too hard can make the seller even less lenient to negotiation.

Not every person can buy a vehicle with their own money. Hence many people look into banks and other financial institutions for help. Negotiating here is vital. Try to find the best offer you can. Make sure to pay attention to the interest rates and the other fees hidden behind the friendly and colorful advertisement.

Be rational
Let’s face it – we’ve all been there. We see a car that is slightly above our means, but we can’t resist it. Many people fall for this trap, only to end up living paycheck-to-paycheck. Try your best to disassociate yourself from extreme emotions when buying a vehicle. Remember – car payments aren’t the only expenses you might experience. Fuel, maintenance, and repairs will cost you too, so do keep that in mind when looking out for that dream car of yours.

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