CLIENT STORIES: Elijah Kiambati Kiragu


CLIENT STORIES: Elijah Kiambati Kiragu

Elijah Kiambati Kiragu is a 32-year-old motorcycle taxi (Boda Boda) rider from Nairobi, Kenya. His main concern has always been providing for his family, so he has been looking for opportunities. This has been difficult because of challenging times and high unemployment in the country. However, he found a way to earn by becoming a Boda Boda rider five years ago.

Like most riders, he drove an expensive rental motorcycle, knowing he would never own it. Yet Elijah worked hard, saved money, and finally fulfilled his dream of buying a motorcycle on his own. Unfortunately, it turned out this used motorcycle was in a bad technical condition, and due to high fuel consumption, it was unprofitable to use it for work. Elijah did not give up — he found a way to buy a new Boda Boda and make his business profitable. He did it by taking a loan from MOGO Kenya. It proved to be an easy, fast, and convenient process – monthly loan payment is even lower than riders usually pay for motorcycle rent. As a result, he could finally make some savings.

Ready to start your own journey with a new Boda Boda?

Boda Boda business in Kenya is a broad sector with many opportunities. If you dream about starting the business on your own but don’t have enough capital — MOGO offers flexible Boda Boda financing solutions. Choose your preferred motorcycle and pay for it from as little as KES 300 per day!