The complete checkbook of buying a car


The complete checkbook of buying a car

Getting or upgrading a car is pretty exciting. Finally, getting behind the wheel of a newer or the very first car can override you with joy. Staying rational at this moment is very important, so, to help you out – we made this checkbook for car buyers.


Let’s face it – lots of people get into a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle only for a car. You don’t have to become a part of this. This is the budget criteria for the purchase of a vehicle:

  • How much of your monthly budget will the car payments make up? Try to keep them at 30-40% of your budget, maximum. 
  • Can you maintain it? Fuel, repairs and routine maintenance will constantly take some KES from your wallet. So, look beyond the tag price and think about the maintenance as well.
  • What about insurance? Basic insurance is already a must, but we recommend CASCO insurance for newer, more luxurious cars too. 
  • How much will it hurt to damage it? This psychological aspect ties in with the finances as well. If the car is well beyond our means, every scratch and bump will cause even more stress than it usually would.

The purchase process

If you’re buying a new car, then the process should be relatively easy. With used cars, there are some slight headaches to experience here and there. Luckily, we already have written down everything you should do when checking out a used car for sale. You can find this information here (insert the link with the article about checking out used cars). 

Spend some time on the internet

The best way to find out about the car is by listening to the current or ex-owners. Look up your wanted models online. On various forums, you’ll be able to find out the exact pros and cons of your future vehicle. This way, you will also narrow down your picks – only to focus on the best ones. 

Set goals

What purpose will your car have to serve? Is it a daily, reliable family driver? Maybe a commercial goods delivery vehicle? Or a fun, fast and gorgeous enthusiast car? By understanding what you exactly want, you’ll find it way easier to navigate between various models. 

Not planning to finance? Save up

We have already written an article on saving up for a car. There you will find some valuable tips that will help you save up for a within-your-means vehicle in a year only! You can check it out here (insert a link to the article about saving up for a car).

So, have you managed to place a checkmark on all topics? You might as well be ready to buy a car. Luckily, we have some sweet deals listed right here!

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