What is a logbook loan?

We offer financing solutions for cars as well as logbook loans in Kenya. Our goal is to create mutually beneficial cooperation with our customers in finding and offering the best conditions and representing them throughout the whole purchasing process.

If you have a car, and you need a loan - mogo is the ideal partner for you. Mogo will lend you up to 80% of the car's market value. In addition, loan term can be up to 60 months, so the monthly payment for your loan would be low.

After signing the loan contract and adding mogo to the logbook, you will be the possessor of the car until the end of the loan contract. Until then, the owner will be mogo. When you repay all the fees in the contract according to your repayment plan, the ownership of the car will be transferred to you.

With our help, you are able to live your dreams today! Get a loan for any car regardless of age or make and continue driving it!


How does logbook loan work?

Have your own car
Select loan amount and term
Fill in application
Sign a contract at the branch
Basic conditions:
You have a car

You have personal ID or passport

You have a proof of income
How to apply for a logbook loan?
Fill out an application on the Mogo website www.mogo.co.ke

Call us at 0768 469 112 and we will fill out an application for you.

Fill out the application at the nearest branch.
How will I know the outcome of my application?
A few minutes after submitting an application, you will receive an email containing all the information about the preliminary offer.
Loan amount & monthly payments
Mogo will make a free estimate of the market value of your chosen car. You can apply for a logbook loan of up to 80% of the car's value (up to 1,500,000 KES).

The calculator allows you to select the desired repayment period (up to 60 months) and see the amount of the monthly payment for the loan.
Loan repayment
You will receive a reminder via text message and email on the due date of the monthly loan repayment, so you do not have to worry about forgetting to make a payment.

If you would like to make any changes to the repayment plan or you are having any troubles making a payment, please contact customer support at 0768 469 112 or [email protected]
Ownership of the car
During the duration of the contract, the owner of the car is Mogo. When you repay all the fees in the contract according to your repayment plan, the ownership of the car is transferred to you.